There are a plethora of sins to be had in Las Vegas, ranging from banal to criminal. As you figure out where your adventures will fall on that spectrum, may we suggest an original sin of the sweetest assortment to give you that Toddlers and Tiara’s sugar rush to fuel your Vegas escapade? Skip the strip, and you’ll find yourself gorging on some of the nation’s most unique and delicious cavity-inducing experiences. Here are a few, close to Tahiti Resort, to whet your palate.

Sweets Raku

Påtissière Mio Ogasawara carries the heavy load of continuing the fabled legacy of Raku Sushi- a Vegas institution serving sushi worthy enough to entice even the best chefs in the world- and they do. At its sweeter outpost, Sweets Raku, diners are dazzled by confectionary masterpieces prepared in front of their very eyes. The three-course dessert tasting menu is as delicious as it is illuminating as customers discover the artistry in creating their delicious desserts. A surefire memorable date night ensues at this restaurant, and families will also appreciate the laser focus enthrallment they provide for kids of all ages.

Ethel M.

Inspired by the kitchen of Ethel Mars of the legendary Mars Family of Chocolatiers, this haunt serves a step above the pedestrian chocolate bars you’ll find at the grocery checkout line. Dating back to 1910, Forrest Mars Sr. Created this outpost as an homage to his mother. All chocoholics and novices will appreciate the uncompromised lengths taken to concoct these chocolates and fillings while experiencing and seeing firsthand the creation process at their factory and shop. This is Willy Wonka’s factory minus the death hazards.

Milk Bar

When acclaimed chef David Chang set out to find desserts to compliment his wildly celebrated restaurant Momofuku, he didn’t have to look far for Christina Tosi, his pastry chef, to bring the dream to fruition. Tosi, much like Chang, uses familiar ingredients and concepts with that Momofuku twist of the unexpected sublime at Milk Bar. Located next door to Momofuku at the Cosmo, this place is the de facto sweet spot you must visit if you insist on staying on the strip. Try the cereal milk soft serve topped with corn flakes or their birthday cake that put birthday cakes back on the map when it debuted over a decade ago.